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Королева Мария

Queen Mary

Please welcome our new beer Queen Mary brewed in a very special and almost forgotten style - Burton Ale!

Пивной Потоп

The Beer Flood Porter

"The Beer Flood" is our collaboration brew with the Heartly Craft Brewery from Lipetsk.

Властелин Хмелей

Lord Of The Hops

Double IPA brewed with hops from New Zealand.


We are the great fans of tasty beer!

Currently in Russia’s food and drink stores one can find a great variety of beers from different producers. The abundance of labels and bottle forms might make you think that we are in heaven… Is it really the case? Yes, the names and forms are different but what’s inside? Those people who are really experts in taste and quality understand that shelves of our food stores are full with ‘average’ beer, so called ‘eurolager’.

Eurolager is already named as ‘hamburger of a beer world’, the beer without any distinctive taste and flavours, just colourless and tasteless liquid to drink when you are thirsty. Another devil so called ‘live’ beer, so popular now in Russia, meaning unfiltered and non-pasteurized beer, distinctive for it very short shelf life and extremely yeasty aroma prevailing all the other flavours. For unknown reason many producers and salespeople from draft beer stores stopped worrying about consumers and are offering us the same absence of bright taste, often seasoned with bacteria.

We are not saying that beer scene in Russia is a tragedy. Good and great beers are definitely exist, however it’s not still a majority. There are great examples from beer giants and more and more small microbreweries appear on the market including contract ones.

Beer fans are now offered with the choice which was impossible just several years ago. The choice which is a norm for US and European people for many years. “Beer revolution” happened at those countries left behind the standard set of “pale, dark and red” lagers. We are now the part of this revolution happening in Russia. We offer tasty, quality and distinctive beer.


Throughout the years of our beer life (as homebrewers first and further as pro) we have been awarded at Russian (Brewer’s Day 2011 and 2012, organized by Baltika Breweries), and International (Wetherspoon Spring Ale Festival 2012) beer contests. We have a small army of our friends and fans who love our beer and wait for our next creation.
Our Celebration Stout was awarded with golden medal at XVIII International Professional Contest "Beer of the Year 2013" organized by All-Russian Research Institute of Beer, Softdrinks and Wine Industry of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and The Union of Russian Brewers at November 2013.

At the contest "Brewer’s Pride" as a part of the First All-Russian Conference of Independent Brewers and SoftDrink Producers "Independent Brewing, Cider- and Mead-Making of Russia" organized by National Union of Beer and Drink Producers at March 2014, our beers Celebration Stout and Red Machine IPA took two golden medals.

Our beer is not tasty only, but ecological as well we have passed the voluntary independent ecological certification from the farm cooperative LavkaLavka, certified, that our production meets the LavkaLavka requirements, namely openness, ecological compatibility, unselfishness to environment and many many others.

We have a great desire and ability to brew tasty and distinctive beer, deliver that taste to you and allow you to realize what you have now, open new taste horizons and choose the best!

For restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, drink stores and any other venues we offer:
  • Real, fresh, tasty and ecological craft beer at reasonable price
  • Flexible conditions for payments and delivery
  • Constantly extendable range of quality beer
  • Installation and service of equipment
  • Marketing support
  • Shipping