BLOND shnit

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Belgian Blonde / Golden
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malts: premium pilsner; candy shugar; hops: northern brewer, hallertau tradition, perle, saaz; water; yeast.

This beer is brewed specifically for the short-movie festival 'shnit', taking place in Moscow for the first time this year from 8th to 12th of October.

The limited edition of this beer was naturally coloured with beetroot juice before bottling to give the pink colour to the beer.

Blond is a light pale ale which is a traditional and day-to-day beer so much appreciated in Belgium and territories nearby. "Day-to-day" nature of this beer implies that almost every brewery in the country produces the beer in this style. This beer is characterised by of course very pale colour, quite low (in Belgian understanding of the question) alcohol content, perfect drinkability and wonderful fruity aroma given by a special strain of yeasts from Belgium region. We used a bit of candy sugar to give a specific 'Belgian' nature and texture and flavouring hue. This is not a beer for hopheads, it doesn't have an extreme or even non-extreme bitterness, however it's still very tasty and appealing.

You won't be left untouched by this beer!